It wiped my step counts

I have used blokada 4 since few months. No prob.
So I decided to install It also on the new smartphone (Android 9).
Once in the download page I choose Blokada 5.
Bad choice.
Right after the installation I realized I had a big problem with the App Winwalk (I use it to monitor my daily steps). It erased all the steps done today. No idea what could have done more because also this app was just installed

Unistalled and tested the LITE version available in the PlayStore. Ok (aka steps still there)
Unistalled and tested the version (Blokada 4, downloaded from tour site) I am also running in the old smartphone (Android 7). Ok

Therefore It Is just v.5 that messed up with data stored in the Winwalk app

You didn’t provide any information on your device by now. Please do so to ensure better assistance

Cubot J5 (2/16 GB)
Android 9

Blokada cannot influence what’s stored inside other apps. It does influence internet connections though.
Try different hostslists or Allowlist the app

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