Latest update auto close wifi connection when phone idling

I’m on Android 6.0 using Huawei P9 plus. Downloaded blokada from official site and got it updated to the latest version. This few days after trouble shooting blokada turn off my wifi when the phone is idling but turn it on when I wake it up. I close switch it off the problem gone. Any reason why this is happening? I set wifi to always on. Pls look into this. Thanks.

Latest update is that I deleted current version and reinstall the previous version and it works fine now.

The app has been given free access to background activity when the phone is idle, protected from being kill etc. Whatever that can be done I have done it so not sure what went wrong with the latest version. I notice that it interrupt with my phone network as well, besides wifi.

Just to get this straight: The Blokada app turns off your WiFi? Or does it turn itself off once your phone is not being used? Have you already checked ?

Actually I’m not sure who turn it off but you’re right that the wifi was turned off when the phone is inactive or idling. When I turned it back on or woke it up the phone connected to WiFi again. Occasionally i can see wifi disconnected when using the phone. More like wifi status shown as connected but cannot use internet. Turned off WiFi and use mobile data instead and it’s not working also. Seen this issue when I first downloaded this app on my phone but I found the problem by providing access to background data or enable blokada to still continue to connect to the internet when the phone is idle. That solve the problem. The latest version see similar issue and whatever that can be done I have allowed it like setting system not gonna kill this app forever. So because nothing much can be done from my side, I have revert to previous version. Now it’s working perfectly fine. I hope I have explained it clear enough. Do you know what went wrong?

I can assure you that Blokada does not disconnect your device from your WiFi network. That’s most likely an issue of the router or your Internet connection. Unluckily the issue isn’t fully clear to me so I’d like to recommend you to use for translations. Maybe that’ll help me :slight_smile:

Hi just to update the latest progress. I have updated the app again to the latest version and you’re right it was the wifi connection that is giving the problem. Only notice when my laptop seeing similar issue. Now it works fine. Will continue to monitor.