Android: Wifi keeps disconnecting after latest update

  1. Blokada 6, paid user with private dns enabled, downloaded from the Play Store
  2. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, AT&T standard, latest version
  3. Wifi randomly disconnects and stays disconnected until I turn off Blokada.
  4. Since the latest update, 23.1.10
  5. Turning off Blokada allows wifi to stay connected.

I’m assuming this is something with the phone’s auto disconnect/reconnect wifi setting, but it was working fine until the latest patch. This has happened with Blokada in the past on my old S22 Ultra, and a patch to Blokada quickly resolved the issue. This appears to be happening again on my new phone.

I can turn off the wifi and back on, and it stays connected for 5-10 minutes before it turns off again, goes back to 5G+ and tells me it can connect, but has no internet connection.

Turning off the phone’s auto-wifi setting results in wifi not working and saying no internet connection.

Restarting the modem/router doesn’t affect the outcome, distance to router doesn’t either. No changes to the router’s version anytime recently.

We would need the log to understand what exactly is happening, please contact us at

Log sent.