Is Blokada incompatible with Xiaomi Mix 5g v.12.0.7 OS (Android 10)?

I can install Blokada 5 apk from your site, but it will not allow any browser to connect to the Internet, although all other apps can.

I tried to use Blokada Cloud and the phone is shown as connected, but has no ability to use a private dns. I cannot see a way to disconnect it from Blokada Cloud, though,even if I uncheck the option in the app, but there is no ad blocking without the app installed. I tried to connect though Wireguard but the app does not allow me to specify a public key and the automatically generated one gives an unrecognised by client error on connection. The QC code also generates an unrecognised error in the Wireguard app.

Now the vpn is erratic, sometimes I can add or modify a vpn but usually not. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app after a reboot, and it makes no difference. Blokada 4 will not make a vpn connection even with blokada 5 uninstalled.

I am at a loss, except for an os incompatiblity. Is there anything else I can try? Probably a factory reset of the phone, which I want to avoid, especially if I have the same issues.

I have reverted to PIA with Mace which works, but it means paying for two duplicate subs!

Update. Confusion reigns. Using advice for Android Pie (9) I seem to have found the hidden Private DNS Config! So the testing site is giving me a score of 96 rather than just 84 with PIA. The only exception is Amazon, which is OK.

But I’ve still got the trouble with Wireguard which won’t accept Blokada vpn. So I’m left running Blokada cloud (hopefully) alongside PIA which is OTT, but as long as it works! My PIA subscription lasts till May 2022 so we’ve a bit of time to sort it out!