In past week I noticed certain websites reporting"ad blocker detected" when surfing with blokada on

  1. Dl directly from website. Using newest 4.x version.
  2. Pixel 3 android 11 beta 3
  3. As above. Only over the last week have I noticed when surfing on WiFi with blokada that some websites now detect blokada as an ad blocker and won’t let me view the site without disabling blokada first. I’m not sure if this is new or I just stumbled upon an ongoing issue that I was lucky enough to not experience before. Tonight the website that blocked me was

I don’t recall the other ones.
4. Going on for a weekish
5. Turning off blokada let me see the page. Until I hit a paywall. :joy:

Hello and welcome to our community,
Blokada is not meant to circumvent paywalls you can however try the following:
Clear your hosts log, visit the website and see what got blocked. Now allow domains until the webpage starts working
Even more simple:
Install a browser based adblocker like uBlock Origin additionally to Blokada :slight_smile:

Hi. I don’t want to circumvent the paywall but it now seems that some websites can recognize blokada as an ad blocker. I didn’t think that was possible so I wanted to notify people.

These recognitions have always been possible. They cannot recognise Blokada itself but whether or not specific domains are getting blocked

This makes sense. I couldn’t find that information anywhere. Thanks.