How to turn off blokada cloud?

As the title says.
I’m using Blokada cloud on ios and it does the job.
Pissed to jave to pay for something which used to be free but that’s another story.

I’m playing a game where you can earn a few ingame currency when watching ads. Those ads are ofc made unavailable by BC.
Formerly I used to turn off the blokada app when playing those kind of games.
How can I do same with BC?
Ty !


If you know when these ads are going to be triggered, you could go into the Blokada app and hit the power button then select “pause”.
This should make the ads come through for a few.
Another option is to permanently allow certain domains from the activity tab.

Currently the steps to turn it off completely are a bit more involved due to how Apple API’s works.
To do this go to system settings → general → VPN, DNS and device management → DNS. Then select “automatic” instead of Blokada.

Ty so much.
My blokada app turned off on its own, hence my subscription to blokada cloud. BC is enough to impede the watching of these ads, I hadn’t thought about the dns configuration thingie in the ios settings. That should do the trick.

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