How to share the subscription with kids devices on iOS?

Blokada for iOS supports family shared subscriptions, so you can share your subscription with other family members.

Usually this works out of the box, as Apple will sync the subscription information automatically between the devices. However, you are experiencing any problems with this, make sure you check the following setting:

In the iOS screen time settings of each child, the option “In app purchases” must be activated under “Content & Privacy” >> “Store restrictions”. Then the renewal of the cloud subscription will be recognized, and applied correctly for all iCloud family members.

Alternatively, remember that you can also share your account manually. To do this, use the “Restore account” option on the devices that did not sync.

Make sure it’s the same on all devices, by going to Blokada app → Settings tab → Restore account (and entering this ID).

Please pay attention it’s in the Settings tab, not in the payments screen.

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