Enabling Blokada on one iOS device enables it on them all

I am running Blokada on iOS (17.2.1) and iPadOS (17.2). Both are the most up to date versions currently and at all times previous to these versions.

I have now experienced this issue on every version of both.

I have noticed that the functionality of some apps, particularly sportsbetting apps like Fanduel and Prizepicks will not load while Blokada is active. (specifically the tabs that show the previously placed bets). I also cannot get much of the Facebook app to load with Blokada running.

In order to view these apps, I have to turn Blokada off. Which is not a problem, I can easily toggle it off.

However, that is not the reason I am posting.

In the process of turning off Blokada on my iPhone, I noticed some ads pop up on my iPad screen in front of me, which had previously been blocked because I had Blokada turned on.

I checked Blokada on my iPad and noticed it was turned off.

When I turned Blokada back on on my iPhone, it was then automatically enabled on my iPad as well.

Is there any way to turn off Blokada on one Apple device without turning it off on them all?

Blokada seems to be an all or nothing situation when you have multiple Apple devices turned on and logged into the same iCloud account, and I would like to be able to operate it on each device independently.

I have not found anything in the settings to accomplish this.


We’re aware of this issue, when you’re using the same account on multiple devices, enabling and disabling Blokada on one device will affect all the devices.

We’ll be exploring ways to solve this in the future.