How to pay vpn

Hello I use a android 10.
I want to pay the vpn…i uploadet some money to the google play store…how can i pay using this money…when i click on the payment tab it asks for a credit card but at the symbols i can see the google play sign…
i am stuck now…
pls help

You need to make sure Google Pay is configured on your device. Maybe something is wrong with this. If your device is configured, then you’ll see the Google Pay option selected in the payment screen in Blokada.

Hi Karol…I activated the google pay app it show my google play money …but when i open blokada to pay vpn…it asks for a card number…absolutly same as before…anything i have to do in blokada to tell him that i have google pay activated ???

i tried it with opera browser…there it showed the google pay option…i put ny email and after i psy nothing happened…pls. help…i uploadet money to google in order to buy your vpn

i changed some privacy settings snd now it was possible to reach the google pay app option in chrome…but it does not show or enables me the money that i uploadet to google play store…in chrome browser it ask for a credit card instead…


Please read what Karol said again.

Google Pay is not properly configured on your device-this has nothing to do with Blokada.

Search for help on the Google Pay help pages to fix this.

Otherwise you can pay by credit card, PayPal, or cryptocurrency.

Yeah I’m sorry but I’m out of ideas, this sounds more like Google Pay issue, you may need to contact them instead.

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