Payment for Blokada+ with PayPal

Android 10 stock
OP 7 Pro
Blokada V5 beta

Trying to use PayPal link in app to purchase Blokada+ I get an error that payment failed, their is no option to sign in to PayPal. I am in the USA. Is there a solution thank you.

Hi there,

Thanks for considering Blokada Plus.

Which steps have you taken exactly?
Are you able to browse to see the PayPal button, which you then tap and see the error?
Which browser are you using as default on your Android? Firefox have had issues with PayPal in the past.

You may also try paying from a different device instead. Simply visiting and enter your account ID that are visible in the app settings.

I am using the PayPal button in the V5 beta app itself when I press the upgrade to blakada + button. The PayPal button opens a choice menu for PayPal or debit card. I then choose PayPal button again this is when error shows. This is all within the V5 beta app. I use default Chrome browser in Android 10. I will try your suggestion to go to directly. Thank you.

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The PayPal payment through was successful thank you for a solution.