hBlock blocklist not updating


Just joined the community. Been following all this while.
I want to share a minor problem wrt blocklist updates in Blokada v4.15

I am using the list called hBlock. It is the only one activated. The problem is the list isnct downloading latest updated list each time I press ‘download lists now’. I have checked the settings and everything is perfectly fine.

I have to manually paste the link to updated blocklist from hBlock site to use the latest one.

Why is this happening? I think other lists could also be having similar issue but I haven’t checked it.

Please let me know. Thanks

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Does this help?


So, the original download source is not linked to the blocklists to update them?

Then this makes “download lists now” of no use.

I have manually created an alternative to hBlock list.

Hopefully, this manually linked to original source will update properly.

I’ll wait till then. Shall respond with the results later.

It is likely that that’ll update quicker, yes :slight_smile:

Yes. I can confirm now. The links manually added are getting updated perfectly! :+1:

This solves my problem. Thank you for the help.

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