Problem changing detailed Blocklists

My Blokada+ was downloaded from your website, currently running version 5.9.0, (Android-28 full release arm64-v8a samsung dreamlte touch api compatible) on two Samsung S8 (Android 9 with newest updates included) phones, no custom ROM installed.
I had the same problem on a Samsung Tab Active Pro (I think also with an up-to-date Android 9 installed).

My problem is that if I want to change the detailed Blocklists (e.g. Social or Gambling) shown behind major Blocklists like e.g. Steven Black, I have to be very very patient and slow in selecting/deselecting each detailed list. I have to wait about a minute before selecting/deselecting another list. If I am too fast I will get the error message: “Oops! Could not install (or uninstall) this feature. Please try again later.”. Sometimes Blokada will freeze also at that moment or it crashes.
The problem is that I will not be able to enable the whole respective major Blocklist at all after getting that error message. If I try to switch it on, the error message will be shown again but it will not switch on. I can not use it.
So far the only solution was to completely uninstall Blokada and install it again. Which results in losing all changes within each Blocklist… That is very time consuming and frustrating. It helps to deactivate Blokada before changing the Blocklists but the error messages will still occur if I do not wait long enough between the changes. All happened on Wifi. I have the problem since I have installed version 5.9.0. Clearing the memory cache of the app or stopping the app before trying it again did not help.

I really like Blokada very much but honestly I do not have the time to spend hours in selecting lists until all works as desired. Hopefully one of you has a solution…
Thanks a lot!

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That’s… Weird.
Try clean installing the most recent version and try not to use too many lists at once

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