Google Play downloading is too slow with Tokyo server


  1. App from Blokada home page
  2. I use SONY Xperia XZ Premium Android 9. It’s not custom ROM.
  3. I feel great with Blokada Plus VPN. However when I download or update applications in Google Play, I can’t finish downloading because it’s too slow. It happens only Tokyo server and Google Play. When I use F-Droid with Tokyo server, it works fine. I tested with Speedtest but it’s good.
  4. I found it yesterday but I changed nothing.
  5. I reboot my phone but still slow.

Is this still persistent?
Check the list of blocked hosts and look for anything out of the ordinary

It’s OK now.
Last week, speed was too slow but this week, it’s fine. It happened with Tokyo server only. I tried other servers but they were no problem. So I think the problem was not caused by host list.
I feel great withBlokada Plus now.
Thank you.

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