[Feature Request] IPv6 support in Blokada+

Do you have a plan to support IPv6 in Blokada+ VPN? In my opinion, IPv6 is very important and useful. Blokada+ VPN is very fast but I believe Blokada+ VPN can be faster.


IPv6 has been supported from day one.
However there has been temporary issues which will be resolved today, good timing :slight_smile:

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Sounds good. Thanks!

IPv6 should be working on all locations now, let me know if you have any issues.

I’m using Tokyo. According to test-ipv6.com , it’s good.

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How about IPv4 over IPv6?
In my test, it has not been supported. If it is true, I request to support IPv4 over IPv6.

What do you mean?
We provide native IPv4 and IPv6.

While using Blokada Plus and connecting to a location, you can effectively do IPv6 over IPv4 (and IPv6 over IPv4) via the WireGuard protocol

I mean IPv4aaS or IPv4 as a service. I had believed “IPv4 over IPv6” is English word before I checked dictionary but I found it’s a word created in Japan.

I’m still not sure exactly what you’re looking for, maybe because I didn’t experience the same issue myself.

If you only have IPv6 at home, Blokada Plus provides IPv4 connectivity.
If you only have IPv4 at home, Blokada Plus provides IPv6 connectivity.

It works like this:
Blokada app → WireGuard IPv4 or IPV6 tunnel → Blokada Plus location dual IPv4/IPv6 → Internet

I’m very confused and I can’t explain. I’ll collect more information and make a point clear.
Thank you for your answers.

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