A few minor questions

Hello again :wink:

I have a few minor questions before my trial ends tomorrow.

Because I cannot test the VPN function (trial made from iOS InApp for Blokada Cloud), I would like to know if the app on iOS allows me to select the VPN I want connect to or of I need to config the WireGuard Client for every location because I cannot use the App therefore.

Then I would like to know if you Support DNS over TLS? I read the forum and try to find out something, but I only found information regarding DNS over HTTPS. I ask, because I want to user Blokada in my Router that support DoT, so I don’t need to use the Profile on Mac where I want to keep LittleSnitch running (which conflicts with the Profile). I found an URL that looks like DoT for android and I used this in my router Settings and it seems to work perfectly. Is it just noch documented yet?

Is there a roadmap for Blokada Cloud and Blokada+?

Thank you!

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When using the iOS app you can switch locations as often as you like from within the app, no other app is required.
It is only if you want to use the separate WireGuard app that you first need to download a static config file for each location you want to connect with.

Yes, as you found out already we have a configuration helper on app.blokada.org. You can continue using this configuration that you found for Android. Some drawbacks of configuring it on the router itself is that you cannot name each of your devices separate to see which sent the requests in the activity log, also you’re slightly more vulnerable depending on the security of your network rather than encrypting the queries all the way to the device itself.

Make sure to follow #press:announcements to know whats going on :slight_smile:
@Reda_Labdaoui is working hard on improving our communication channels as we speak, I’m sure he’s eager to know if there’s any information missing that we could make more visible

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Great, and thanks again for your fast reply.

I would use DoT directly on the Mac as soon as I have time to setup a DNSCrypt-Proxy to make it work with LittleSnitch. And then I will keep it on the router for other devices like TV or the weather station.

I think I will use Blokada and create another post to tell you why :wink:

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