Blokada iOS custom DNS support


When will custom DNS support be added to the iOS version of Blokada please?

I’m pretty sure others have asked but I couldn’t find any recent threads.

I don’t want to leave our devices unprotected but on a few networks (including my home network!) DNS is only permitted through a local caching server (in my case a pi-hole).

Thanks so much!


Me too, I’m waiting for this feature implemented. hopefully, next update.

I wonder why this has been so hard to implement?
I remember reading in the Android section that the main reason people have stayed on version 4 was being able to use a local DNS server while still blocking ads.

Has version 5 been written to only support DoT and DoH? Even then surely it’s not that complex to implement basic old DNS.

I have no idea how difficult the developments is as I’m not a developer but @PrintableCharacter reply on this post it will be implemented later.
As of now, I’m still happy with the current version with a plus subscription on my iPhone, and it’s work great so far.

Is there any way to work around this on iOS? On Android I could go back to version 4 but that’s not an option here.

We require a local DNS server on our network for various things, but I’d also like to keep blocking ads and privacy compromising domains.

Thanks for that link, but my question wasn’t specifically aimed at you. I was hoping someone else may know.