DNS when using Portmaster

Hi, I am running your VPN on Ubuntu. Do you know how to configure Portmaster firewalls mandatory DNS entry (DNS Configuration - Safing Docs) in order to work with Blokada?

I did try “dot://dns.Blokada.org/dns-query” but it is still not using Blokada DNS.

Maybe you can even add your service as a little promotion :wink: Thank you!

Hello The User!

While you are connected with WireGuard, you don’t need to also configure DoT/DoH.
Only if you want to use Blokada Cloud while VPN is disconnected.

According to those docs, that means you can leave DNS settings empty.

If you want to configure DoT with Blokada Cloud, follow the same settings as for Android on app.blokada.org.
Navigate to Blokada Cloud → setup → Android. Select “Private DNS”.

The dns.blokada.org in your example is NOT Blokada Cloud and no filtering will occur with this setting. Also you seem to be trying to specify a path /dns-query, DoT doesn’t have a path like this as it’s not HTTP.

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