Blokada's aggressive attempts to use encrypted DNS are causing me problems

For a couple of versions now, Blokada on Android has been trying to use encrypted DNS by default.

This is fine on mobile data, but my local Wi-Fi network already directs all DNS to Cloudflare encrypted DNS at the firewall. Clients on this network are obliged to use the DNS configuration provided by DHCP, which directs clients to use port 53 to the firewall’s IP. The firewall itself acts as a proxy to Cloudflare. All other DNS traffic is blocked.

Blokada deliberately trying to evade DHCP-provisioned DNS violates the standard and breaks internet access for my mobile on this network. It was annoying enough the first time to have to figure this out and change the settings to prefer network DNS, but now it looks like Blokada has reset that setting to default all by itself, probably during an app upgrade.

If we have to have this setting, and it has to be the default, can we at least have it persist through upgrades and not randomly break DNS on proxied networks?

It should not loose settings. Make sure you install updates from the same source.

I’m not 100% certain losing the setting was due to an update. But it definitely did lose its setting.

I only install updates from within the app.

The update to 5.11 reset almost all my settings as well. Network settings and Blocklists were all back to default. Only the settings for certain Apps that I set to be excluded remained.
I installed the Update from within the app when it prompted me to…
Same happened on my wife’s phone too.

@bluezed, now that you mention it, my blocklists were reset as well. I didn’t even associate that with the other thing.

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