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I have Blokada Plus VPN up and running on a Ubuntu. However, I want to use the Ad blocking as well as it seems more powerful then installing a bunch of plugins in each and every Browser.

There is just one problem: the .conf file file from the Blokada Device creation page includes only an IPv6 DNS server address. But my internet provider has only IPv4. I already tried to alter the file using as DNS but this server doesn’t work.

What would be the right server address – and can you maybe fix the online file creation as well?

Thanks a lot!

Hello The User! :slight_smile:

When you connect Blokada Plus with the WireGuard config provided by, it will come with the IPv6 adress as you noticed. This will already hook you up with the Blokada Cloud service, which is the ad blocking service you’re looking for.

When you connect to the Blokada Plus VPN, you will also gain IPv6 connectivity even if your ISP doesn’t support this.

You shouldn’t really have to change anything :slight_smile:

Great, now I got it - I just had to activate IPv6 on my system, and now everything is working automatically as intended!

Thanks a lot for you fast answer :slight_smile:

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If you like, maybe provide the steps required to enable IPv6 for user users in the community to see :slight_smile:

It is activated by default in Linux - I did deactivte it manually in the bootloader settings (e.g. Grub or rEFInd) :upside_down_face:

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