Blokada 5 - broke IPv6 connectivity


it seems that blokada 5 broke IPv6 connectivity.
With active blokada shows score 0/10. Once I disable it, the score is again 10/10.

Can you please check it?

IPv6 in the settings is enabled. Device: Huawei P30, Blokada 5.2.



Thanks for reporting this.
This is without Blokada Plus right?

right, thanks.

I have the same issue and I posted it on Reddit earlier.

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With Blokada 5 activated

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Blokada 5 deactivated

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Guys, v5.3 beta should fix your IPv6 problems, have a go.


It works like a charm :slight_smile: 10/10 on Wifi and mobile data as well.
Thank you!

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Actually, this didn’t fix it for me. Upgraded, restarted,
I Have v5. 3 and the page still fails.

Which dns are you selecting?

Worked like a charm for me too using Cloudflare [DoH] with the newest beta. You guys are awesome. Thanks for all the hard work.