Internet problems on mobile network with native ipv6 APN

Hi guys,

I’m am using blokada 5 libre for quite a long time. I was facing some issues in the past with internet problems when blokada is activated and couldn’t find out what the reason was.
I am using blokada 5.16.0 right now and I am on Android 11 (Galaxy S10).

I deactivated the encrypt dns feature, used different alternative dns servers (right now I use “prefer network dns” which seems to work best for me).

When I am on wifi, sometimes when I change the wifi network the internet is frozen, which can be solved by deactivating and activating blokada. This does not happen very often and is the only issue on wifi.

The more severe problem I am facing is on mobile network. My provider is the German Telekom and I have an LTE data plan. The standard APN that the provider gives you is a native ipv6 APN (internet.v6.telekom, protocol is ipv4/ipv6). This works perfectly without blokada activated on all websites.

But if blokada is activated, quite a bunch of websites are not reachable anymore.

The provider still supports the old dualstack APN (internet.telekom), which is a native ipv4 APN.
If I am using this, I have no problems with blokada.

I don’t know how much longer the old APN will be supported, so I want so know what’s the problem with the new one and blokada.

Is anyone else having this issue, maybe also in other countries than Germany or other providers within Germany?

Is there a way to find out what exactly is the problem with the native ipv6 APN and blokada?

Thanks and kind regards


It sounds like IPv6 is not working when you’re using Blokada Libre (no real VPN active).
Perhaps you could create a report for us to see more details of what’s happening and e-mail it to to not share any private information here.

Download the network tools app by Hurricane Electric:

  • Go to hamburger menu → interface information
  • tap share icon in top right and attach in e-mail
  • Go to hamburger menu → tracerounte
  • enter 2606:4700:4700::1111 and let it run until finished
  • tap share icon in top right and attach in e-mail
  • Go to hamburger menu → DNS
  • select AAAA
  • enter
  • tap share icon in top right and attach in e-mail
  • Attach the Blokada log

In your email, attach a link to this topic so that we know what you’re sending :slight_smile:

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