Blokada does not work with Telekom IPv6 APN


I use Blokada 5 (22.3.8), downloaded from, on Android 11.

As you can read here:

I had problems connecting to the Internet via the mobile network. Now I’ve found the reason. Since mid 2020 the German provider Telekom uses the APN “internet.v6.telekom” to allow access to IPv6 addresses. But for some reason Blokada does not work with that APN. Now I changed it to the old APN “internet.telekom” and voilá: Blokada operates well without any other changes. I checked here and here if I can still connect with IPv6-addresses and it works. I also double-checked some apps and could not find any error. So this solution works for me.

But anyway: It is weird. And it would be nice if the developers of Blokada could find a better solution to make the software working with the new APN “internet.v6.telekom”. This issue had also been reported here

but seems not to be solved until today. Maybe I’m on the wrong track or maybe I missed something. Let me know.


Thanks for the great report with all the details!
It is a tricky case that you managed to discover and also tricky for us to debug.

Could you provide the details I asked for in the previous post that you linked to (while using the new APN)? If there are any errors occurring within the app, a log file would also help.
Don’t post it in public as it might contain sensitive information, send it to while linking to this post.

If by any chance you would give Blokada v6 a try, I’m sure it would work for you as expected.
There’s a one week free trial so you’ll have a chance to verify that it does.

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