[Feature Request] Dedicated IP

I’m using blokada plus. I love it but I have one problem. I can’t avoid CAPTCHAs and I can’t access some bank service. To avoid it, I want a dedicated IP service.

Hello, thanks for your feedback.

So you’re looking for having your own unique IP while using Blokada Plus and to ensure its the same all the time? Or perhaps just your own unique but dynamic IP?
Perhaps the bank is blocking you because of your originating ISP rather than being behind a shared IP?

This feature would break some of the privacy benefits of blending into the large crowd behind the same IP, it would be trivial to follow each user if everyone has a unique IP. But perhaps as an opt-in feature for your example use case it’s a good idea :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your message
I want to have my own unique IP. I know it make easy to track me but still I have strong encryption and no log policy. And they don’t know my real IP.

The case about bank, you must be right but the bank didn’t give me the answer.

I hope to see the feature in Blokada app!

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