[Feature Request] Add separate and extra buttons in host logs section

Actual Behaviour:

  • Blokada App > Settings > Ad-blocking > Host Log.
  • The “Search” button and “Clear host log” button are located quite close to each other.
  • This sometimes results in accidently clearing host log when trying to search.

Expected Behaviour:

  • There should be a well-defined buttons/region for “Search” and “Clear host log” function.
  • Add extra buttons for toggling between “Allowed” & “Blocked” hosts.
  • This should result in better user experience.
  • I have attached a sample screenshot below

Blokada Version: 4.6.4
Device Model: Realme 6 (RMX2001)
Android Version: Android 10 (Realme UI v1.0)


I agree with you on this. I don’t care how it looks at first, personally. However, I have had occasion to delete the log by mistake before.

Requests regarding the application itself are best proposed on the github repo :slight_smile:

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