Compatibility with Android 4.4.2


I have a Lenovo tablet which runs Android 4.4.2. This is the latest software update that is available for my tablet. Blokada is not available from PlayStore on this machine, I believe because it is not compatible.

Can I download a version of Blokada which is compatible with 4.4.2 and if so how and from where?

I am guessing that if I try to download the latest version there would be a conflict.

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You’ll have to try using Blokada 2.x on your device.

Thanks for the tip. I suspected that something like this would be necessary. My concern would be however that since that was released the usual bugs that would have been spotted over the years and would have been fixed in later versions, would still be present in 2.2.3? Like compatibility with Chrome, Edge, YouTube, Yahoo latest versions etc. Am I right to be concerned?

Should the Github link you gave me provide the download? It doesn’t seem to want to.

Listen: There’s no perfect cure to every disease.
Either you take the medicine or you don’t. Your choice.
The same goes for apps and programs in general. None of them are perfect but old doesn’t always mean bad.
Try blokada. Or don’t. Your choice.
Here’s the direct download link:
We wouldn’t offer this version anymore if we knew that it wouldn’t work at all. But we cannot guarantee that they’re working as well. Support for these old versions is dropped.
If you want the latest stable version of Blokada: Check for custom ROMs or purchase a new device. We cannot ensure downward compatibility to very old android versions

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