Blokada 4 or 5 will not enable

Android 7 Verizon Tablet
GrapheneOS Pixel 3a XL

downloaded from both Fdroid and

As I have noticed in other posts, “Just one more step”.Continue and NOTHING

I go to VPN via settings. Its not listed

I have deleted, force stopped, cleaned cache and data. NOTHING

Not complaining, I have pretty much all fdroid apps so I am not worried, just sending this out as an FYI

Hi there,
We cannot support Custom ROMs. Please provide us with more details regarding your devices

Ok, so that rules out the GrapheneOS

The tablet is a Verizon Asus ZenPad 10 with Google Play services disabled. Also downloaded from

I also got this issue sometimes ago, can not tap continue, and blokada not respond.
I use original rom ColorOS 11.1

Did you try rebooting the device and reinstalling the application? Are you using some sort of blue light filter?

no bluelight filter, i dont know what is it.
reinstalling app works, but sometimes it come and blokada slow respon, then it close automatically

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