Android, which version to use?

I saw in a post that the recently released new version has the number 22.3.9.
On my Huawei Android phone I am using since quite a while version 23.2.1. based on blokada5-android.v5.23.2.1.apk.

I am still encountering problems with the app suddenly letting ads through.

Should I downgrade to 22.3.9.? Or will there be an update of 23.2.1. within short notice?

Newest version for Blokada 5 is 23.2.1, so you are using the latest version. The newest version for Blokada 6 is 23.3.9. I think you refer to e.g. this post but the version mentioned there is probably not correct. It should say 23 instead of 22.

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Ok thanks


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