Old version apk (5.21) availability?


is there somewhere I can find this apk

v5.21 (not slim)

There seems to be in some websites but I don’t know if it is legit.

Or if someone could verify what I have:

SHA-1: 16999D66C616116D70162161558B618643AC84B4
SHA-256: 0B96306B33976E60320A584EBA2628C16D8DB96FBC7CCB5DB73E5F9A9A4260EE

Thank you


May I ask why are you trying to install Blokada v5.21

Are you facing an issue with Blokada 5 v23.1.2? What exactly is not working with it?


I am having some minor issues of disconnected VPN and I would like to test 5.21 again to see if the problem lies elsewhere…
Can those hashes be verified?

Thank you

We’ll need the log to be able to verify what’s the cause of these disconnections.

Have you tried a different DNS server?

If you are using Blokada Plus, have you tried to switch to another gateway?

Please send over details at hello@blokada.org

Thank you for your time and your effort.

However this is not my original question. If you don’t want to answer it fine, you can simply say so.
I write this with the best intentions, after 30 years on the web and being a dev myself in another field I would know how to ask for help.

Interesting reply. Obviously the developers of Blokada are interested in fixing the bug/issue in the current version so you are able to upgrade and also everybody else profits of the fix. How will the old version help you to fix the problem in the long term? If you provide enough information about the current situation chances are high that there might be a quick fix.

But yes the old version is a short term solution and would help in the meantime. Maybe they will provide it if contact them per mail as requested.

Question to all? Why not going both routes?

The non existent response to my original question from the owners/admins shows something.
Even your critical to me response is better than silence.

Just think that I didn’t even put my original question to “Support” but to “Other discussions” on purpose.

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Blokada 5.21 isn’t available for download, we need to understand the issue you’re encountering with the latest version to be able to fix it.

The best way to proceed is to share your log with us at hello@blokada.org and we will take it from there

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