Ver 5.22 blocks everything

Android on Fairphone (V11)
Android on Samsung Tablet (V12 one ui 4.1)
Location in Germany

On both devices Blokada V 5.21 works very well.
When i install the new update it works for some hours and then blocks the “whole www”.
No more libre account, tells me the account is out of subscription

Already tried:
Delete cache and date of Blokada
Restart the device
Install blokada V 5.22 D,E or F
Same behavior as told

So now i am back to 5.21 and everythings fine.
I can sent you the last log.


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Hi, yes please send me the log at

How do I go back to previous version of Blokada 5 Can’t open any internet pages now.

Just deactivate Blokada … tap on the blue circle
or deinstall in Android … settings … Apps …blokada

You find the Ver 5.2 in … search …

I can only confirm that. With version 5.21 everything runs normally. With the latest version 5.22q3f I can’t open any internet pages in Opera or another browser after the installation. Many apps can no longer receive data either. So I also reinstalled the old 5.21. Does this now work with the brand new version 5.237 that you can get on the website?

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