[Bypass Apps] WhatsApp, Twitter, Signal,... help

Hey there,

What exactly can you set to use WhatsApp, Twitter & Signal WITHOUT having to redirect it?
Currently I have redirected exactly these apps, because I couldn’t help myself and the apps didn’t work properly with my selected filter lists.

I want to use WhatsApp without feeding Facebook with trackers, do you have any tips?

Everything except a social list should do

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But I want to block Facebook trackers everywhere, my concern is that I do not want to feed Facebook.
Then I need the social host file for that?

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If you have to use fb, try the following:

Frost for Facebook (A fast and extensive third party wrapper for Facebook.) - https://f-droid.org/packages/com.pitchedapps.frost

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No, I personally do not use Facebook. However, in every app and on every page a tracking cookie from Facebook is integrated and this should be blocked. Always and everywhere.

Well… That might block applications and websites from working properly

Hey:) Is this issue solved for you by now:)?