Facebook messenger ads

Facebook messenger still shows ads

Quoting from a reply in a different topic:

Not really… They are elements placed in by the app’s code.

Source: Ads in Google Search and Playstore - #2 by elburg

It’s still an ad, it says so

If you see Facebook ads, activate the host list ‘Social hosts file’ via ad blocking / host lists. Please note that doing so will block other social sites (like LinkedIn, Instagram, Reddit) as well as the services of Facebook.

If you want to block only Facebook ads, download the ‘Social hosts file’ to your PC or laptop.
Open it and search for all the Facebook related hosts. Generate a file from them, following the format of the list you opened.

Ok but is there maybe a way that you can add a certificate for HTTPS ad blocking in Blokada? I used an app called AdClear which had that certificate and there were no ads like this but the problem is that it had connection issues, And Viber also has these ads between chats in the list now and Blokada can block them

Here’s a few reasons why we decided not to go that route:

I know messenger is really popular. But I’d still suggest to try to move some of your friends to Signal instead.
There’s no ads, no logging of what you guys talk about, no “evil corp” behind it :sunglasses:

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Yeah I don’t really like Facebook too they also ruined Instagram it’s really buggy now, I tried the lite version of Messenger and it doesn’t have ads


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