Don't understand how Blokada blocks trackers in apps

I have Blokada 5 on Android 12.

As an example I installed Telegram-FOSS from F-Droid. Per the Exodus privacy app, it shows this tracker in the Telegram-FOSS app: “Google Firebase Analytics”. So, I thought, if I start up Telegram-FOSS while Blokada is running, I would see that “Google Firebase Analytics” is being blocked. (For this test, I decided to use these lists: Energized [Basic], DuckDuckGo Tracker Radar, and Exodus Provacy, all at the same time.) After starting up Telegram-FOSS, I looked at Blokada’s list of stuff it blocked or allowed. Expecting to see “Google Firebase Analytics” somewhere in that list, I did a search on the list based on the word “firebase”. But I didn’t see that anywhere on the list. I DID find something called “” was blocked, but I don’t think that is the same thing as the trackers in Telegram-FOSS, both because of the different name, and because “” was last blocked four hours before I started Telegram-FOSS for this test.

So, my questions: Is my thinking on this correct, am I correctly understanding how this should work? Why am I not seeing this tracker in the Telegram-FOSS app appear in the Blokada list?

The firebase crashlytics you found, is the tracker listed for Telegram. It’s quite common in other apps too, so not unusual to see it already beforehand.

Ok, thanks.

How did you know that “” is the same as “Google Firebase Analytics”?

I’m asking this because I don’t know how to go from the trackers the Exodus Privacy app finds to what I should be blocking in Blokada.

I only knew because Firebase is pretty much everywhere in android and Google apps.

I think there is a website that lists what trackers are and what they do. Here we are:

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Here’s more on how blokada works generally:


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