Blokada VPN Issue

I am using Blokada VPN on my Android Pixel 5 and Samsung Galaxy Chromebook. Both devices are using the latest version of OS and apps. Everything has been working well until the past 1-2 weeks. Blokada app was blocking all internet access. I tried all kinds of network and DNS configurations with no improvements. I finally uninstalled and re-installed the Blokada app on my Pixel 5. When I went to re-install it, I no longer had the selection for the Los Angeles VPN location. I had to select Dallas, which was the closest to me in California. I then went on my Chromebook and noticed that my VPN location was still listed as Los Angeles. There was not a selection for Los Angeles. Once I changed it to Dallas, my problems went away.

What happened to Los Angeles? The app should give an error checking for VPN locations selected.

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I use blakada 5 + vpn service in US east coast, I normally use NYC server. I can switch to Los Angeles server with no issues, perhaps this was a server issue which was resolved. Can you recheck now?

Yes, the Los Angeles server came back. It was not available for a few days. If a VPN location is down, the software should give an error message and give a selection to re-route.