Blokada 5x always "on"VPN connection issue Android 10

Need suggestions on always "on"VPN setting in Android 10 .I guess continue tweaking the settings in
Blokada 5.11. I wish I had access to screenshot and logs

So long as you’re not using another application which runs as a VPN, it is not a bad idea to have Blokada set as an always on VPN.

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So if I’m using another app for location will confuse blokada VPN location whatever it is ,with mocklocation
Location if yes!what can I do about it!please help me!

You can only have one active VPN on Android, so I’m a bit unsure of what your additional question is.

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Thank you for your input!

If you are not using Blokada Plus, the VPN only exists on your device and not some other location.


I was using mocklocation and blokada VPN for location I think it’s confusing Android 10 though that’s why blokada keeps crashing because Android is maybe confused about locations!thanks alot

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No other VPN running on Android 10, but Blokada, Blokada. org, and most URLs blocked for the last week. Couldn’t receive or reply to Blokada emails. I Warning your . org was malicious site.

Had to uninstall Blokada, but delete the Plus case VPN, and stored 5.1.1 apk to get back online with internet access.

Prepaid Plus for a year. Had to return to Lookout Premium and renew their subscription for security plus VPN.

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