Blokada version confusion (libre vs play)

I had Blokada 5 which I wanted to upgrade but it did not due to some
missing rights. I installed from Play Store, but now I had two Blokada apps.
Uninstalled the Play Store version, but the DNS in B5 was ■■■■■■ up.
Uninstalled B5 and installed the libre one fom the web.
Still not working. Complaing about inactive subscription.
It was the libre-v620.apk

Do you have an active blokada cloud or plus subscription? Why did you decide to install the website libre version if you had the main Playstore version?

Why does Blokada Libre 6.20 not work when installed from scratch ?
This is the relevant question.
It is just displaying Your Blokada subscription is inactive and restore purchase using the previous id from Blokada 5 is rejected.
It is blocking normal use of the phone (disabling access to the DNS) unless turned off.



I’ve asked this specifically because the ID does only matter to cloud or plus users.
Libre users without a cloud or plus subscription don’t need to worry about IDs.
Make sure to disable private dns in your system settings if you decide to use libre

“private DNS” was the key to the problem. Blokada had entered some strange DNS name into the private DNS field and used it. It was apparently defective and not removed when unstalling Blokada Cloud.
I disabled private DNS.

However, now it constantly complains “Sorry! Not connected to the internet” when I block something or tap it to enable/disable.
This is definitely incorrect as I am online.

No, it was not defective.
If you’re using the cloud version of the Google play store all adblocking is done using that dns.
If you use libre it’ll be done locally on your device instead

Is that a blokada error message or of your browser or system?

That DNS should have been removed when uninstalling Blokada Cloud.
I did not change my Private DNS configuration. Blokada did.

The no internet is a black and white popup only seen in Blokada, nowhere else.

Not really, no.
They cloud version makes you copy and paste that into the private dns config on initial installation.
It cannot do it itself and it cannot remove it by itself. Hence the system can’t stop blokada as well.


Try another dns within the app and make sure to set private dns to off if you decide to use libre.

If an app is requesting the user to do something, which will break something after it is uninstalled, the uninstall process should include a warning about this.

No matter how I fiddle with the DNS setup in the app I get this Sorry! No internet popup whever the circle is tapped, anything in the DNS setup is changed and when something is blocked or deblocked.

That’s not possible on android.
Androids uninstall can’t be changed, it’ll always just be “do you want to delete the app”? Yes? Done.

Please share a log with and link to this post

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