Blokada Plus can't connect to the tunnel

Hello, This problem has been going on for some time. But before only some of the tunnels were unreachable, now all of them are unreachable :sweat_smile:

Account puls is active.

I installed blokada 4 on F-Droid, other devices use WireGuard.

(I’m not very good at writing English, this is the translation with deepl.)

Hi there,
How many devices are you trying to use blokada+ on?
Did you try all the different locations individually?
Also: from which country are you trying to connect to them and what exactly is the error message you get?

Five devices.

Yes, All locations :sweat_smile:


error: Sending handshake initiation for a long time.


Unluckily China is using the so called Great Firewall which is designed to prevent you from using specific services. Blokada+ was never designed to circumvent this. Judging by the errors you receive the firewall has picked up on our service hence blocking it.
Unfortunately there’s currently no possibility for us to fix that.


Strangely enough, it was working before, but maybe something happened recently and it can’t be connected again.

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