Blokada causes regular lags in Network connection up to a Minute


I experience the problem, that Blokada is oftenly causing lags up to a minute.
It is even worse, when I used the paid blokada VPN back in August. I had to change location often, because of freezing connection.
It also causes message to appear up to minutes later. I could check that with a signal family group. All members get messages instantly, but up to 10 Minutes later for me.
In the same network, sitting side by side.
Disabling Blokada solves the issues. Same for push Notification of Apps. Instant delivery without Blokada, up to minutes with Blokada.
Turning Blokada on and off also solves the issue. Also waiting until connectivity is there again, is ok. After coming over the lag, it works well again.

  • I use Blokada from the F-Droid Store: 22.3.8
  • OS is Calyx OS with Android 13
  • Device: Pixel 6
  • Blokada also thinks, that the private DNS setting is active, but it is not.
  • Settings: Data Safe mode is off
  • private DNS: I tried off and automatic
  • connectivity check: On
  • global VPN: ON (I also tried off, no difference)
  • constantly active VPN: ON
  • Block connections without VPN: OFF
  • hold active: yes
  • ping networks: no EDIT: If I try to activate ping networks, Blokada crashes
  • Energy safe mode: off
  • stop app activity while not used: off

After so much writing about an issue, please note, that i really like that APP and your approach to deliver a free version outside the google store.
I will support the app via buying upgrade to Blokada+ from time to time.

Thanks to all involved people! Blocking works great and I appreciate your work.

Hello A User!

Thank you for the feedback and for supporting the project by subscribing :slight_smile:

This is a known issue and we’re currently beta testing a new release that we believe will resolve this. It will be available very soon.

This will be fixed if you download releases from links provded on, we’re not maintaining releases on F-Droid.
See F-droid update is not reliable for more about this.


thanks for your reply.

I installed the version from the official website, as you advised. It has much shorter lags, it seems.
I am looking forward to the next version :slight_smile:



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