Blokada blocks ONECTA (Daikin) app on Android

Using Blokada 5 free (version 22.3.7)
2 Samsung devices (phone + Tablet) and also a Honor phone

ONECTA is one of the (too) many apps to manage Daikin devices.
When Blokada is active the application won’t start (starts but says “service unavailable”)

I have tried the following :

  • authorize last blocked URLs seen in activity tab => still failing

  • disable all active block lists => still failing with no URL blocked

  • add the ONECTA app to the white list => still failing

  • Uninstall the app and reinstall. => at one point, the app tries to access the login page at to login with the cloud account. That fails at this point (with IP address could not be found), although Blokada lists this URL as authorized.

  • Fresh install on another android device = Fails, as above

  • Disable Blokada => Only workaround working, the app starts correctly and recognize my device already stored in the Daikin cloud.

Only this Daikin app fails, another one works although randomly (such as ‘Daikin controller’)

OK I have a workaround, but this is painful
Any idea ? How to further diagnose the issue ?

I also wanted to change the DNS as advised in other topics, but I could not find the option in the Blokada app

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