Blokada 6 vs. Wifi Calling

Samsung A33 (Android 13) / blokada 23.1.10 Frankfurt /

I use the mobile network from Vodafone Germany. Unfortunately, Wifi Calling does not activate itself automatically in known Wifi networks.
Turning Blokada off and on is enough to start Wifi Calling.
Apparently this cellular option has a problem with the Blokada network settings (private DNS, Ports, Domain…?).
Is there a solution?


It could be a device-specific issue with network detection, possibly related to the Android VPN features in case you are using Blokada Plus. If you are using Plus, have you tried disabling this while leaving everything else active? It may be worth trying this out to see if it makes any difference.

Other than this work around, I’m afraid I don’t have a solution to this issue at the moment.

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