Blokada 5 update

Why is Blokada 5 not getting updates? :confused:

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Hey there,

Thanks for posting!

Blokada 5 will still be updated for performance-enhancing and small bug fixes but will have no additional features such as Blokada 6. Also, the interval between the updates might not be as short as it was to be.

We’ll share an update in the community once a new release is out.

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Ok so I have to install Blokada 6 if I want a more stable and up to date adblocker? :confused:

That’s not what I said, Blokada 5 is still performing very well for most of our users.

If you’re facing a particular issue, please share it here and I’d love to help you troubleshoot it.

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I have connection problems in apps and Google search keeps showing sponsored ads with Blokada 5, and it’s really a shame that you have to pay for the new new Blokada 6 because 4 and 5 were free :confused:

Good afternoon, I have problems with Blokada 5, a repetitive advertisement usually appears saying that the application is not responding and that if it is closed or paused, when will there be an update for this? Thank you

Hey @Warlockhl78 ,

Adblocking can never be 100% accurate so some ads might slip through the cracks, you can try to block them by adding new blocklists.

I’d like to suggest that you run this adblocking test and share your score here.

Yes, not everyone can be blocked, I understand that and on the contrary I congratulate them for the great work they do with the app, what I mean is that the application as such is having sudden blockages, suddenly the application blocks itself same, (does not work) and says, the Blokada application does not respond, “wait” or “close application”, I do not know what causes this error, thanks for your help

@Warlockhl78 thanks for your reply.

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