Blokada 5 is no longer maintained?

It seems that blokada 5 is no longer updated with the release of blokada 6…The last update came about a year and a half ago, even though the app’s stable, that’s a long time for any app to go without any bugfixes. The community may not want any new features like we get in blokada 6, but security updates are a must…I can only guess blokada 5 has been shelved and development resources given to 6.

Hi @senorlopez ,

Thank you for your feedback!

We’re updating the blocklist regularly on Blokada 5, are you seeing any specific bug in the app you’d like to report?

Blokada 5 will always have our attention in case there’s any inefficiency in the adblocking performance but we won’t be adding new features to it like with Blokada 6.

It’s just a minor thing, but ‘devices’ under settings does not load, just a black screen is shown. Blokada 5 on the latest update.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, can you please share a few screenshots of the bug?