Blokada 5 starting in portrait mode

after Blokada 4 isnt working anymore on my Android 9 tablet
I installed Blokada 5.
Where can I switch the app to landscape mode instead of portrait?
That was the main reason not to upgrade

p.s. where can I add single urls to block or whitelist?
The exeption list is empty and has no buttons. how do I manage this? I think I saw something on Blokadas own API window, but that doesn’t sync with the app.

Where can I add DNS manually?

What exactly is not working precisely on Blokada 4?

To add an address manually… go to Blokada Activity tab. Blocked sites are red, allowed are green. Find the site you want to change, select it, and in the following screen you can add it to blocked if that’s what you want. Other than via the Activity tab, tgere is no way to manually block or allow a site.

but I’m done with that. Now I have other problems with v5 ( see above)
I was happy with v4 because of its versatility and light weight. At least it still works on my smartphone.
And I consider me as a ‘longtime user’, so I’m used to white/black list and manual DNS entries. Can’t find these options on v5

ok, Greg, thanks for this one. This works. :+1:t2:
In the past I pasted it from clipboard without activity list.

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so after white/ blacklisting works from acrivity list,
where can I configure a DNS manually in v5?

and portrait mode is annoying with a tablet

If you are referring to selecting DNS server, go to the Advanced tab, and select the bottom item, Networks. If rather you are referencing the block list(s) to use, then select the first item on the Advanced page.

there are only preconfigured DNS. Where can I add manually IPs?

Regrettfully, at this point in time, there is no way to do so manually. Perhaps in tge future, but not now.

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maybe you can add readout of portrait/landscape mode from android setting to wish list?
thanks for the help :+1:t2:

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