Blokada 5 quit on enabling

I had blokada 4 working fine and i’m trying to run 5 but it kill itself on enabling so i just see icon but can’t make it work neither open settings windows
Android 6 on Huawei mediapad M2 EMUI 4.0
Blokada downloaded from its website
Uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times
Please help, it works fine on my other android parts
Thank you

Hi, thanks for posting.

On which device exactly are experiencing this? Which version are you using?

Hi, thank you for answering
It’s a tablet Huawei mediapad M2 EMUI 4.0 (android 6)
Blokada 5 v22420 just downloaded from

it could be that your battery settings are not set up correctly for Blokada and your phone disables it from the background, please try to follow these steps:

It’s not after a while
I click on icon, app start, begin activation of vpn and quit
I added all permissions and removed all restrictions but issue doesn’t come from system optimisation
I’ve just had important precision: if wifi is off, application works (and quit if I enable wifi) but it allowed me to access log file that may help :

It’s just txt log and safe link from my drive but I could upload anywhere you want

Hi, try not to share private info in the community since everyone can read these threads.
Please share the log with me, at .

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