Blokada automatically closes after few mins (Solved)


Android 9
Miui 9.1.0
Stock rom
Huawei y6 2019

Downloaded from here.

Well like titles says. After few minutes the blokada closes automatically.
No power saving are activate.
And the apps are not managed automatically by the system.

Any other app (vpn) like tunnelbear is acting on the same way

Dont now what to do. I tried clearing, reinstalling old versions of blokada and the problem persists…
Please help me the ads are pain in the as… And keeps wasting my data plan.

Edited… thanks to some post that i find here, i find the community so i installed i follow the instructions to uninstall Power Genie that came with New huawei devices…
Now, i can live my life inpeace without annoying ads.


MIUI on a Huawei device? I think you meant EMUI :smiley:

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Emui sorry lol

What are the pro and cons of doing this (not to mention that now i can run blokada


The pros are: You can actually run apps properly,
The cons are: Huawei is sad because you uninstalled some Bloatware

Lmao xD
Come on bro talking seriously. Most software usage ( on battery stats are not working)… its linked in some eay right?

Did you reboot your device to see whether your battery stats are still working? You can try accessing them using your phone settings

Yeah. Its not working… Hardware says 100% and software is on 0%

:joy: Great. You might want to leave this feedback on

The user fixed the issue himself/herself. This is just for the record