Blokada 5 got forked and used for commercial

Hello, in the PlayStore someoneforked Blokada and use it for commercial…

Is this okay?

If they adhere to the license of Blokada 5 which is MPL 2.0 than yes.

One would have to check the license if they do.

Regarding e. g. the distribution: Point 3.2 of the license states that if the software is distributed in binary form the source code also has to made available. If they don’t do this the license has been violated. At a first glance I do not see that they do so.

Regarding e. g. commercial use: Point 3.5 also says that fees are allowed under certain circumstances.

The difficulty might be proofing that they are using the same or portions of the code protected by the license.

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Fun fact regarding this application: It’s privacy policy allows it to collect and sell all data you put through it

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