Blokada (22.3.7) Android crashes when download update

I’m on a Xiaomi Poco F3, Android 12, using Blokada 5 downloaded from the website.
Usually, when I manually open the app and there’s an update, I get pop up for download.
Now, when I tap download it crashes.
I’m wondering if this is something temporary (I’ve read the Play Store thread), or do I need to download and re-install it manually.


Also, why did a Galaxy A20 logged into my Google account when I logged in the community via app? This was big scare and I had to change my passwords on a hurry! Please clarify me on what’s happening.


Hi there,

I can see that you are still using v22.3.7, can you try to download the latest version from the website and see if you still have these crashes?

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If you’ve logged into community.blokada using your Google account on a Samsung Galaxy A20 that’s expected behaviour by Google.
Check whether the timestamps and the given approximate location covers when you’ve logged in.
Google sometimes mistakes devices so the A20 part might not be correct.
We’re not responsible for this, it’s a google feature with flaws :slight_smile: