Blockada 5 doesn't work anymore on my phone

Blokada 5 (that I’ve downloaded from original website) doesn’t work anymore on my Oppo Find X3 Lite with original ROM ColorOS 13.0.
It doesn’t work when I try to connect to my Wifi at home, but continue to works correctly if use my 4g connection. Blokada try to connect in loop but VPN icon on top of my display doesn’t appear in WIFI. I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall, reboot my wifi but nothing changes. If use other wifi networks with minor protection it works, I use a wifi with WPA2 PSK crittography, works wit networks protected with WEP crittography. What’s happen? Until 3 days ago it has always worked perfect

Useless, tried also to reset the wifi on my phone… nothing. I can’t change crittography level on my router for Blokada, so I’ve downgraded Blokada to the old but still reliable Blokada 4

Hi there,

The most common reason this happens is because of your DNS settings, please make sure that the Private DNS is set to OFF when using Blokada 5.

You can do so by going to settings → Connections → Other Connections settings → Private DNS

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