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Could you add a blacklist button to this window?
And also add the ability to adjust the size of this window.

PS: I used machine translation from my native language.

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The size of the window is dependent on Android. Also, there is no need to blacklist as the domains showing are already blocked.

Thanks for your reply.
The fact is that advertising appears in the intervals of the game - banners or videos that I would like to block, but … I can only add them to the “white” (!) list …
Therefore, next to the “white” button, I would like to have a “black” list button.

PS: I used machine translation from my native language.

You have to open the app and use the activity list, to find the advert domain to block. Allowed domains do not appear in the notification, so what appears there is not linked to the advert you see.

Thanks for the quick response!

You write: … “use the action list to find the ad domain you want to block” …
but how exactly do you do it ?

And another question, is it possible to block advertising banners (which appear in the game interface although -Blockada is active) before entering the game itself ?

To get to the activity list, depends on what version of Blokada you have installed. V4 it is Ad-blocking->Host list & V5 is second icon from bottom left. Identifying the domains responsible for the ads can be difficult to find, you have to guess and try out one at a time.

May I ask what game you are having ads with playing? Someone may have already found the ad domain already.


in my case we are talking about Blockada 4.15.0.

Yes, you are right it is damn hard !

Of course, the game is called “Asphalt 8”.

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Ah, Asphalt 8, I do have that. Used to play every day but now it is too messed up by all the changes the developers have made.
Anyway, I was successful in blocking the ads appearing in game. I just need to check what the domains were on my other device, will update post later…

Ok, the domains to block that show up while playing are as follows.


Thank you for your attention !
Glad to meet with a “colleague”)).
You are right, the developers overdid it in the latest updates.
In my case, only one filter is involved - OISD.
The domains you specified have already been entered before, but thanks!
As a former player, you know there are bonuses for some advertising … but here’s how to separate the “useful” from the “useless” …
By the way, I noticed recently, strange, ads are not blocked, but blocked … icons in ads, for example, the volume off icon, “close the cross” and others …



I have an extra filter list active along with OISD, called “The Blocklist Project”, you could try that switched on.

Another domain I remember blocking that seems to activate ads was something like but not exact:

Oh, also I have activated the cname advanced ad blocking option in Blokada settings. Another option to try out.


  • added in OISD and "The Blocklist Project”
  • added manually est2.datalake.gameloft.com
  • activated the cname advanced ad blocking option in Blokada settings.
    As a result, ads are still displayed, and “blocked icons”- are still displayed:
    “close the window”, "mute the sound ", etc. (I provided screenshots in the last post).
    In short, no changes …
    And also, I got:

In general- need to search and experiment …
Thanks for trying to help!

Oh, just remembered, is it always the same pop up ads appearing? No new ones. The game downloads and saves pop up images, maybe it is loading the ads from the storage on your device.

If you have a file manger app, please look within the app’s storage, in the SD>Android>data>com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftA8HM>files folder. Look for something like “popup” (I will need to check my other device for the exact name of folder) and delete all files inside.

Please switch the “datalake” block off for now, it did not make any difference to the ads you are seeing.

The exact name of folders are “popup_lib_wd” and within temp folder “ingame_ads”. Will check again after new update is installed.

and the same and the new, and banners and videos.

Exactly ! It is not clear whether a particular ad is in the buffer or not, it is very difficult to determine.
I remember in the old versions of the firefox there was a plugin for blocking ads, click on the banner -

  • Block it?
  • Yes!
  • Done!
    Unfortunately, in Blokada 4- there is no such tool …

Thanks for the tip!
However, I use the application CCleaner and quite often I clear all folders, subfolders, and so on with it.

I did so, thanks for the reminder.
Connected the “Smart List” (whatever that means), like a little better …

Ok and have a great weekend!

PS: To receive bonuses from advertising, you have to Blokada turn off for a while, and most likely then “garbage” ads are loaded … alas …

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