[ANDROID] Whitelist Google Search Ads

Hey all,

I hope this is the right section.

So, I am using blokada 5.9.0 on Android, and was wondering if there was a way I could whitelist the ads that come on the Google search page (usually shopping) cause they’re pretty often what I’m looking for. For example this :

Those ads are usually pretty relevant to what I’m looking for, so would be great to be able to access them.


pagead.googlesyndication.com or pagead2.googlesyndication.com might be the domains to unblock.

Hey, thanks for this!
But where in the app can I enter those domains? I can’t find a whitelist for websites/domains anywhere.

I found a whitelist for apps, but not for websites.

Thanks for your help!

Search for in activity tab:

Then click to allow:

Ayy, thank you so much, it works now!

Have a great one

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