Autoupdater 5.x


blockada 5.4 gave me a notification to update.
i want to open a webbrowser. what?

blockada 4.x could download/update in the background.
no browser needed.

i hope an working autoupdater wil be added in the future.

It opens the download link. It’s a more stable way across all devices. The v4 way would not work on some devices, and so people couldn’t download the updates.

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will there be a solution in the future?
or do you want to stick to this method?

it would be a very dissatisfied solution,
if you can’t claim that or don’t give me the choice to activate it in the options at least as a trial.

There are enough programs out there,
that seem to be able to download and install components effortlessly.

for example: payloads of big games or browsers like firefox.

thanks a lot.

Blokada is a community based project.
Feel free to implement the feature yourself.
It’s not a priority as of now

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sure, if you want your app to go up in flames.
programming is not as easy as you make it appear.

i am just a user trying to pinpoint problems and warning of deterioration.

it’s enough, putting the problem on the “to do” list as a “low priority”.
but I am not competent to help you.

Only one way to find out :stuck_out_tongue:
You can’t break it for everyone though since there’s a review process

thanks for your kindness.
but sadly i know my skills and limits.

I just remember the autoupdater in v4 did not work in a few releases, and it was a pain since we couldn’t get the update to users. Hence another way in v5. But I may port it one day…

Sure, it wasn’t always stable, but the last versions did work for me.
It’s sad that android is so strange and inconsistent.
I think it’s great, that you try it anyway.
big thx.

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